Ever since our founding in 1987, we have desired to answer God’s call to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) by supporting both international missionaries and local organizations that impact the Clear Lake community.


Looking to get engaged with local or international missions?

Join us for an upcoming service project, join one of our teams, or pray for one of our partners each month.

Serve Locally

Through the Micah Ministry, we aim to radiate the light of the Gospel to the 4B Area by engaging in long-term strategic partnership with existing community organizations and developing key ministries that are strong in word and deed.


If you’d like to join us as we seek to love and serve our neighbors through service with Anchor Point crisis pregnancy center, Sanctuary Foster Care, our own food pantry, or community improvement projects, please contact Scott Hansen for more details.  

Serve Internationally

Through our Missions Team, we support the work of international missionaries from organizations such as Mission to the World (MTW), Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), Mission to North America (MNA), and more. We regularly host visiting missionaries, develop relationships with and prayer support for them, and offer occasional opportunities for the church to partner with them for special projects, such as home rebuilds, orphan assistance, and more.

Supported Missionaries & Organizations

Below is a list of all of our supported missionaries and partner organizations. Click each one to view more info.


Frank is the regional director for East and West Africa, overseeing MTW teams working in those regions and is responsible for their care and oversight. He also writes and teaches courses for pastoral training in Africa, develops new initiatives, and works with an extended network of local partners to develop ministries.


They have recently launched a new agricultural development program in Africa, spreading training in permaculture in collaboration with Foundations for Farming. During the beginning of COVID, they also launched an organization called International Discipleship Coalition, which has grown to include roughly 15 reformed organizations, all committed to all pastoral and leadership training or discipleship ministry in Africa. Together, they seek to provide local African churches with quality training and Christian education programs.

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Larry and Sandy have been serving with Mission to the World (MTW) among the Quechua people in the Andes Mountains of Peru since 2004. Their primary focus is to reach the indigenous people in the high, isolated mountain villages with the Gospel. They accomplish this in a variety of ways, including using a technique called Orality (or storying) to convey the progress of redemption from Genesis to Acts. 


They also share conservation agricultural techniques with these subsistence farmers to help improve their crops, enabling them to better provide for their families, and open up the door for sharing God’s word with them in their native language.

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Jud and Jan have worked with Mission to the World (MTW) since 1990, in places such as Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. They are now serving as the Chief Executive Director and the Member Care Coordinator for the 18.26 Network, which seeks to train and equip vocational missionaries throughout the world to share the Gospel while working in their secular careers, and pairs them with an established missionary team or global partner.

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Keith and Debbie began their ministry in 1998 in West Africa, reaching the Muslim population there through Bible translation, literacy, and leadership training efforts, as well as church planting.


In 2007, Keith and Debbie responded to a call to start a new work in North America ministering among immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries who have come to establish new lives. From a foundation of mercy ministry, they have developed a plan for church planting that can effectively reach these diverse communities with the gospel.

Since 1990, Wayne and Amy have served as church planters in Nagoya, one of the major urban areas in central Japan. Wayne is the team leader, overseeing several sub-teams of missionaries and national partners involved in various stages of church planting. Amy works as a counselor in the MTW counseling network, as well as in a counseling practice in Nagoya. She is also serving as the leader of member care in the Asia/Pacific region.


Because less than 1 percent of the population is Christian, there is a great need to continue both missionary work and partnership with nationals to see the Gospel transform culture.

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Dony and Sharon are dedicated to the cause of Haitian and Haitian-American Ministries, under the umbrella of Missions to North America (MNA) and El Shaddai Ministries International (ESMI). Dony is the pastor of El Shaddai Presbyterian in Miami, which serves as a home base for outreach to the ever-growing Haitian people of South Florida. Through ESMI, the St. Germains and their team minister to the people of Haiti through education, evangelism, empathy, and economic development.

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Kurt and Jill serve with Mission to the World (MTW) in Europe on a church-planting team reaching South Asians. They began MTW’s work in that region in 1998 and, since then, have worked with national leaders, pastors, and church planters to facilitate the start of new churches in many locations. Currently, Kurt and Jill focus on evangelism, discipleship, hospitality, and teach English alongside a pastor in a newly established church, while growing their team and creating evangelism tools for churches.

Molly, a former member of BAPC, now works with international college students at the University of Texas at Austin. Her love for international ministry developed through involvement with her church’s ESL program in college, leading her to pursue an RUF-International internship at UT Knoxville after graduation. When her internship was complete, she moved to Austin and is a full-time staff member for RUF-I at UT Austin.


Through meals, Bible studies, cultural holiday celebrations, and more, RUF-I seeks to welcome the nations into our homes and community, while also providing the opportunity to explore the Bible and good news of Jesus.

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Jody works with community health evangelism ministries around the world through the Global CHE Network. She spends much of her time developing training materials and working with Children’s CHE, or community health evangelism for children. CHE is an integral or wholistic ministry, bringing health and wholeness in Christ through Christian community development. When not traveling, Jody works with children in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

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Craig and Heather serve in the Amazon region of Peru through a cooperative between Mission to the World (MTW) and South America Mission (SAM). Craig is the director of SAMAIR, which flies missionaries into remote regions of the jungle, so that they may spread God’s word where there are no roads. These flights save missionaries weeks of travel by foot and canoe. Craig also serves on the SAM leadership team and has served as an elder and mentored leadership over the years in their local church. Heather serves as the finance manager for the aviation ministry.

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In July 1998, the Spirit of the Lord placed a burden on the hearts of the Wadhams to move from
Cape Town, South Africa, to the U.S. to work with Native Americans.


After completing a Th.M. in missiology, Michael began pursuing a mission opportunity to
the Lummi Nation in Washington State. Today they reside in Lynden, Wash., which is nestled between the Nooksack and Lummi reservations. They live and work among the tribes, focused on developing relationships, evangelism, and mentoring/discipleship. Their hope and prayer is that the next generation of missionaries and church planters may come from native Christians.

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Born out of the swell of cross-denominational help offered to families after Hurricane Harvey in 2017, 4B Disaster Response Network is composed of local churches and organizations who are dedicated to bringing hope into crisis. Together, they seek to reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ by serving people affected by disaster in the 4B area- from the Beltway to the Beach and the Bay to Brazoria. 

Sanctuary Foster Care Services works to achieve healing homes for children and families from hard places. With a vision to end the cycle of multiple placements, Sanctuary not only supports foster children, but the whole foster family, to achieve permanent sanctuary for families in the Clear Lake foster care system. Click inside this text area and delete the placeholder text here. This is just fill in text that serves as a visual, which you can easily remove to replace with your own text.

Since 2011, Anchor Point’s mission has been to champion the future of children by educating and empowering parents. Through their community network of services, AnchorPoint is able to offer counseling, medical care, family resources, skill development and more.