We’re dedicated to seeing lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.


Through worship, Bible study, life-giving community, and service to others, we seek to bring glory to God and equip others to know and love him. Here, you’ll find welcoming people who know that life has its ups and downs, and who desire to share their hope- and the journey- with you. 



We are…


Christ Centered

We believe that worship is seeing what God is worth and giving him what he’s worth. Not only does God deserve our worship, we also believe that he teaches, convicts, encourages, and strengthens us through worship with other believers.


Community Minded

Life isn’t easy and we weren’t designed to do it alone. We believe that being in authentic, everyday community with other Christians helps us to grow in our knowledge and enjoyment of God, and find joy and strength for our daily lives.


We believe that the calling of every Christian is to share the gospel’s hope with those around them. This often begins at home and spreads to a network of friends, coworkers, and others around you. 


At BAPC, we seek to build up a community of people who will love, teach, and serve each other as we build godly lives, marriages, families, and friendships.